In the Media

kaifiyyahA Singapura talent,  Khadijah Aziz, founded Kaifiyyah in 2013,  started selling shawls via social media platforms. It soon grew to limited pieces maxi skirts, tops, wide-pants, outerwear, and her collection grew over the time since the label launched online.

Our designer has always an eye on gorgeous fabrics and apparels all along, and she also prefers to have hers as unique and personalised for herself only. As Khadijah moved on to her next phase of hijrah, she intent to understand further the meaning of covering Muslimah’s Aurat. And so, she did… and still learning to be a better Muslimah, In shaa Allah. With these in mind, she puts these as the pointers as she design her label apparels, this time with the priority of putting Aurat as number one.

With the launch of Women of Haya, we hope to collaborate with as many designers as possible who has similar mission as us, featured under one platform, growing together from digital to global.

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