Who are we?

Women of Haya

Haya (هيا) is an Arabic word derived from the word ‘Hayat’ which means Life. In English, this can be translated as modesty, shyness, self-respect, bashfulness, honor and humility.

(Definition source: Islamic Terminology).

Women of Haya was created to promote the message for Muslim women to maintain our modesty even as we express our God-given beauty.

Our specific mission is to provide a support platform for women entrepreneurs to raise the standards of their work in a spirit of collaborative harmony.

We celebrate the Modest Cosmopolitan Woman who wants to excel in today’s world- and be beautiful Inside & out.

Pre-events, post-events, it doesn’t stop there! Women of Haya extends the collaboration beyond just that (event). You have ideas to share? We also welcome collaborations, suggestions, and ideas to work together to create successful events, Insyaa Allah.

Contact Women of Haya at +65 8460 9981 or email womenofhaya@gmail.com to be a part of our movement.